The year is half over..

You know that feeling when you’re sitting down to a blank blog post and you know you should write something but you don’t really want to and everything that you type is lacks flow seems vapid and contrived? I hate that stupid fuckass feeling. So I’ll preface the rest of this entry with stating that […]

“V” — The Poco Show

Welp, it’s finally here, the show is up. The installation logistically went well, though it took a lot longer than I would have liked. Many thanks to Chris Rudesill for dropping by and lending a hand towards the end. Chris also stepped in to help with the frame for Life in a Box, on a […]

Is there a finish line?

I’ve been wrestling with the sense that this year is my last ditch effort at trying to make a living in the arts. I care for an appreicate the people who support me and purchase my work and come to my shows and help me get art supplies, and that is often what keeps me […]

I am developing quite a dislike for large format printers..

Coming along..

Life in a Box is now printed, stretched, glossed, and blacked out on the sides. Special thanks to Scott Steffy for his assistance today — he saved me a bunch of hours wearing out my hands by helping me staple and paint. Now to add droplets, and to figure out how to hang the thing..

Life in a Box – Update

Hello Life in a Box backers and enthusiasts, I’m excited to let you know that I’ve just ordered the materials needed to do my own canvas printing and stretching for Life in a Box! After comparing multiple price quotes for printing the project that literally wiped out the projects budget (the online promotional price I […]

Life in a Box – base images

[autoviewer id=”89″ width=”500″ height=”500″] These are versions of the base images I am printing to 8×8 stretched/framed canvases this week for my Life in a Box project. After doing so, I’ll be adding acrylics and epoxy to enhance the images with corresponding translucent colors and glitters/metallic flakes, and give them a thick, shiny finish with […]

Life in a Box is funded.

I am very pleased to announce that “Life in a Box” will become reality thanks to Kickstarter. If the Kickstarter goal is further exceeded today, it will be applied to the project, either by printing larger canvases, more canvases, creating an artistic hanging solution for the canvases, adding a sound element to the installation, or […]


Life in a Box; a mixed media project made possible by Kickstarter. My deepest gratitude goes to my Kickstarter backers: Pam Anderson, David Lydon, Gail Lydon, Colby Perry, Greg Rubin, Omri Alon, Michaela Eaves, Jon Nelson, Colleen Mathis, Scott Steffy, Robert Scott, Roseanne Edson, Ryan Lane, Daniele, Butangas, and The WILD SIDE Foundation. I was […]