Thanks for giving: a shit. 

Third rockin’ass orgasm of the day. Enjoying the hell out of my solo day-long water fast. Fuck your oppressive shitass holidays. — Water fasting as of midnight last night. Had no idea when I decided to do this a year ago, take the next step in personally divesting from the lies and the cognitive […]

These dreams go on

At times in my life (historically when I’ve been very cyclicly stressed and/or surfacing a trauma or transformation), my dreams hang on after I’ve woken up. Along with lucid and recurring dreaming, there have been times I will wake from a dream, open my eyes, sit up, and still be seeing the dream scene as […]

Thoughts on love

For most of my life, it has seemed like the people who have claimed to love me have loved what were ultimately illusions. Some loved my masks, my performance personas, the art I’ve made from the ashes of my self-discovery. Some loved my blossoms when in bloom but quickly became confused and withdrawn when I […]

It was time for me to buy some art, myself.

Arms are inked, now. Sleeves: Inevitable. Lovingly done by Mike at All Star Tattoo of Tacoma on a gut feeling, best tattooing experience I’ve yet had. Recommended. Thank you again, Tacoma. For reference, this was what I was doing with my arms back in 2008. Keep going.

I own a bladder full of dead people

So I have this solar plexus that usually has a big black tar knot in it. Rarely in my life have I not had that knot, and the times it’s seemed to have melted off were times of extreme gladness — new relationships, summer vacations, purring warmly on the beach — of intimacy and of […]

Integration phase: To approach or not to approach?

On twitter today, someone asked me: “Have you spoken to (and asked for forgiveness from) any of your rape victims? Do you think about them and their healing?” This person seemed surprised when I said yes, of course I think about that, that I had spoken and apologized to some, but that a) I had […]

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.” – Carl Jung

“Healing wounds requires a strong enough sense of self to be able to accept the crap we have pulled in service to them.” – Nekole Malia Shapiro

Brenè Brown: A Video Walkthrough.

“Maybe stories are just data with a soul.” -Brené Brown I shared this 2010 TED speech long ago, and longer still before that, and I will keep periodically sharing and adding new talks as Brenè continues in her incredible work. Her follow-up from 2012 is awesome, too, and reminds me of many, many things I’ve […]