As I play music, whether it’s something new or my original pieces, I’ve started to understand what chords and keys I am playing in.

The more I learn about music, the more often I realize that I am drawn to like, two measly scales.


Took a few minutes today to learn one of my favorite pieces from the Madness Returns soundtrack. No clefs were harmed in the making of this video. Honestly, with how frustrating and clunky and annoying it is to attempt to learn music as it’s written, I’m not sure I’m going to bother with much more […]

Bumby by ear

If I’d tried to learn this song last night by reading it, I wouldn’t be able to play it now or have retained the information needed to play it in time and with soul to it. Instead, I cheated and took 15 minutes to learn it by ear, so I could fucking enjoy myself for […]

Focus shift

After my latest rant on reading music, I took a well-deserved break for a couple days. Upon returning to practice, I found that my focus had shifted from reading written music and the fingering exercise I practice to a metronome. Currently I’m still all about the fingering exercise for challenge and warmup, but now I’m […]

Since I’ve started learning how to read, I’ve felt no desire to play or sing simply for enjoyment or expression. None. Maybe that’s what I’ve been worried about happening for all this time that I have avoided learning how to read fucking music.

The flip side

I never really did get how I could be talented at music with it being a math-based language, and lately, I just really wonder how I ever managed to convince anyone IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD that I’ve ever had any fucking idea what I was doing. I tried reading through my first 3/4 timed […]

Reading music

I am finding more and more that I am frustrated by music, trying to play with other people, and not being able to pick up songs I want to cover fast enough or easily enough to make the process efficient. I’m also pretty tired of having to re-learn my original songs if I’ve walked away […]

It seems reading pitch is basically useless without reading rhythm. This sucks.