Breaking Bad: R.I.P. XP-30, 2001-2013

Yesterday, while troubleshooting glitching technology, again, rather than practicing music, again, I came to a place of silence. I stopped hitting buttons and searching google, and sat, and thought. I had already emailed the event coordinators for Tomb and the Womb and said that due to technical difficulties I would not be singing “Covering Lisa” […]

R.I.P. Zita the Aerialist, 2004-2012

This year, more than most and less than some, has been a year of letting things go and allowing new things in. In that vein, it seems another identifying aspect of my life has come to a close. Once first recognizing mixed feelings regarding how to credit my aerial acts in “Embodied”, and after months […]

R.I.P. Neecam, 1995 – 2011

In 1995, I put one of the first consistent webcams on the internet, the neecam. It was, at one time, the focal point of what would eventually become, and then, spend a short year stint as its own spinoff at, and finally settle as a single, burried page on The first […]