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I’ve been observably manic since last week, and my appointment with my social worker was canceled this week. I’ve fallen into the online social justice trap after a successful march on Sunday where I stepped into the opportunity to utilize my skills and street medic, expecting that I would have the aftercare of a therapy […]

I don’t rant on here much anymore…

But here’s a gif to remember me by.


It’s become so amazing to me how much commonly-accepted forms of dialogue are just flat out silencing, erasing, entitled fucking bullshit. Not long ago I would feel ‘irrationally’ slighted over it, and blame my ‘damage’ for my ‘sensitivity’ and wonder what was wrong with me. Fuck that noise. I ain’t internalizing that manipulative crap anymore. […]

Dear slimy guys

Dear all y’all slimy guys, Hi, slimy guys. How the hell are ya. How’s that closet today. I happen to know that, in addition to being slimy (shhh, don’t tell on us), y’all have a lot of other traits, too. Like being smart, and funny, and loyal, and other stuff. I know that deep down, […]

Chilling. Accurate. Infuriating. When you fly Virgin Upper Class out of Heathrow, you go through a separate set of airport security. With a ticket that costs $4,000 round-trip, you swipe your boarding pass, go up a sleek private elevator, and pass through security and passport control that is delighted to see you. “Lovely suitcase,” they coo. You’re […]

I don’t want to play.

Everywhere I turn and look Someone around is telling me How the only way to keep good relationships is to be playful And the only way to be a real woman is to not care about being sexy Everywhere I turn and look Someone around is telling me That the only way to make money […]

They can’t all be masterpieces.

Funny what you forget

I recall having about 28,000 profile views and hundreds of streams on each of my songs when I deleted my music Myspace account a few years ago — which I think is pretty notable for a completely self made shut-in artist. Even earlier, I’d had a notable following through and had considered getting on […]

The flip side

I never really did get how I could be talented at music with it being a math-based language, and lately, I just really wonder how I ever managed to convince anyone IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD that I’ve ever had any fucking idea what I was doing. I tried reading through my first 3/4 timed […]

Does calabrese taste like wet dog hair to anyone else? Ugh. Who voluntarily eats this shit? *spits out*

If I go with the last.. oh, solid month or so, and smatterings before that — Apparently, rehearsal is over when, while troubleshooting one brand of technology, another fails, and I scream multiple cuss words and throw things while storming out of the room.

When I suddenly throw all my electronic music equipment in the fucking sound and dedicate my musical existence to playing a fucking kazoo and a tan can, know that it was due to having spent more fucking time troubleshooting my god damn fucking gear than ever making or performing fucking music. Fucking fuck technology square […]