Open mic at Ould Triangle

Did a spontaneous open mic last night as a means of dusting myself off. It was a nice enough experience, largely because my pal Carl, whom I hate with the fire of a thousand suns for all eternity, was there hanging out with me. In terms of the venue, I doubt I will be back. […]

Tiny dreams hit the road

As part of Year of the Nee, I’ve recognized a few things about myself that I’d discovered at one time and then lost again. Things like an affinity for dinosaurs, and reading fantasy and sci-fi books. I’ve also gotten back to music by making a very focused album (the whole thing is about patriarchy) in […]

For Zita

New mix tape; revisiting the music I’ve performed to as Zita the Aerialist. Thank you, Zita. You saved my life. (if player doesn’t load, please install/update flash) [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Finding Amanda: An internet love story

Amanda Palmer and Courtnee Fallon Rex Photographed by Steve Kuhn The Art of Asking Book Tour. Sat, November 22, 2014. First Unitarian Church – Los Angeles When I was young, I thought I had all the answers. Or at least, I thought I knew the problems, the deeper causes of the things I was seeing […]

Thank you Cafe Brosseau!

Thank you Tacoma, and my Seattle friends new and old for making last night a really fucking great show. I felt so loved and supported and I am ecstatic to have heard from everyone how much they enjoyed themselves. Set list: Write What You Know – Courtnee Fallon Rex Pretend it Never Happened Black as […]

Full Circle Zita

My signature (nude) aerial silks piece started as a homage to sexual relationship, to not giving up on loving someone, even when you get bucked off. The act began as a physical illustration of the struggle to shed the defenses that bind us, finding strength in being vulnerable, and how sex can contribute to the […]

All in a day’s work

I pulled down my acrylic and water based visual art show today and put it right back up a couple miles away; Currently Showing at Broadcast Coffee: June 1, 2014 – August 1, 2014. 1918 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA ‎ (206) 322-0807 ‎ · A few things didn’t make it. For starters Black […]

Goodnight, Grandma P.

In addition to directing the performances this year, I have two small pieces of work that were juried into the Festival (first time), and have modeled for Jim Wilkinson’s installation “Stall”, as well as being the model in the photograph Jim Duvall chose to be in the show as his Masters of Erotic Art piece […]

Seeking ambient/interactive performance for Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Performers! It’s time to start thinking about Seattle Erotic Art Festival! Our Festival dates this year are May 30, 31, and June 1, at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Performance Director, Courtnee Papastathis, wants to collaborate to create performances which explore and express the themes and emotions within the art that is chosen for the […]


I swear I just saw myself for the first time I told myself in the mirror As I cried after connecting so incredibly profoundly with multiple people (And once again meeting another incredible man I can’t have in my life like I would prefer, god damn stupid growth opportunities) “You are.. An amazing woman. And […]

Home for the holidays

Behold – video evidence of the show I co-directed and performed in last Friday, the Versatile arts staff show “Home for the Holidays”. This was a great production to be a part of, and also very stressful. We had one rehearsal before the show, which consisted almost entirely of addressing tech needs. Most of the […]

Open Mic Achievement: Unlocked.

I have finally been to and performed at an open mic. I finally found one that I liked the vibe of, at Scratch Deli, where I am also currently showing my artwork. Saw it last week, tried it this one. I was definitely off my game, as well as being tired and poorly fed today. […]

Still contemplating whether I’m going to act in Minor. I think, maybe, I might be done with that type of acting, and sometimes I wonder if maybe it would be just the right shade of amazing to at least go through the process of auditioning some younger girls for it. I guess the plan is […]

Minor, soon to be.

Many thanks to everyone who has been responding to my question: What immediately comes to mind when presented with the phrase “Inner Child”. The profundity of the subject matter in my work often becomes clear only in the moment when I finally start talking with others about it. I have some great inspiration and ideas […]

When I was just a little girl…

Want to help me flesh out some specifics from a scene in my newest show? Please respond with what immediately comes to mind when presented with the phrase “Inner Child”. Mine was: Inconvenient asshole.

SEAF 2013

Disclaimer: After a long week on my feet, I am a bit fried mentally, more than a bit exhausted physically, and yet still rather awake and energetic. My creativity is in the shitter, though, so if you’re hoping for poetry unfortunately I doubt you’ll find much this time. You will, however, find a blog entry […]

The Tomb and the Womb: May 4, 2013

I am performing “Covering Lisa” and an adaptation of my signature aerial piece with the Floating Mountain Poets in their spring show entitled The Tomb and the Womb. BUY TICKETS Saturday, May 4 2013 at 8:00pm Tin Can Studio 3130 Airport Way S #510 Seattle, WA 98134 (206) 909-5744 Based on the poetry series “Death […]

Call to Action: Help us bring you SEAF 2013

Most people who will read this won’t need me to explain what SEAF is, or why it’s important to our community. You know and love the festival in both similar and different ways than I do, and have your own reasons to cherish and support it. Through constant growth, different venues, directions, and focuses, SEAF […]


When I was contemplating what I might call the most recent incarnation of my signature aerial act, (“Zita Begins” doesn’t really fit, now that I simply perform as myself without a persona) I thought about what the act represents for me at its core more than anything. These are the things I realized (and a […]


I’m slowly preparing for my performance on Friday, and been thinking about my act a lot. How it’s matured and shifted over the years, mostly in subtle and internal ways that only I have really noticed. How rarely I perform it and why that’s how it should be. How differently I view and judge my […]

The Mask

My choreography for my (public, and for charity) performance on the 22nd is basically already written, and basically always was. Though I haven’t had the chance to perform my favorite act very often, I know it like the curve of my own hip. I also know whatever changes I do make, or whatever snafu’s happen […]

Red Room Masquerade: Feb 22, 2013

What: I’m performing my signature aerial act on red silks. When: February 22 at 8:00pm Where: EM Fine Arts in Seattle, Washington, 410 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98109 Why: Fundraising for the Center for Sex Positive Culture How: $25 general admission $50 VIP The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture Board of Directors will hold […]

The visionary story of Fear

This is a great talk. I struggle consistently, especially lately, with maneuvering the spectacular abilities I have to articulate my fears in visions and projections of the future, and have largely taken the stance that they need to be squashed and quieted in order for me to effectively live my life. However, when I have […]

“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things. I want to be light and frolicsome. I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.” ― Mary Oliver

Feeling Good – Video from my recent performance

In addition to this awesome picture taken by Aerial Nurse, the video of my singing performance at the Versatile Arts staff show (And Now For Something Completely Different) is now available, and it wasn’t too bad! 2012 Staff show – Courtnee, Feeling Good. from Beverly Sobelman on Vimeo. As most are aware, video cameras don’t […]