In progress

The photo isn’t doing the colors in this justice. The reds and purples are bleeding together. It’s actually quite detailed.


I’ve been traveling through painting, lately. Doing a lot of things I haven’t done much before, like take a week to finish a painting, let layers dry and having a fresh take on it the next day, stretching the canvas myself before starting, etc. Even my methods are changing a little. I am trying out […]


3 hours or so, including stretching the canvas. It has a watercolor look to it because I didn’t Gesso. Loving playing with this. Very glad I have canvas pliers on the way, my hands alone don’t cut it. Have no idea what direction I’ll go.

New style

First attempt. Acrylic and blood on canvas. This is an update to and still in progress.

Commission for Ruth: In progress

I love a good commission! This one is turning out a great dark scheme with more yellows in the greens than I’ve worked with before. Thinking of adding some purple and blood accents. In progress.

Spring showing: Red Chair Salon

For the months of May and June 2012, a selection of my paintings are being shown at the Red Chair Salon in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. 324 15th Ave E Ste 104 (between Thomas St & Harrison St) Seattle, WA 98112 Neighborhood: Capitol Hill (206) 922-2427 Home


Life in a Box; a mixed media project made possible by Kickstarter. My deepest gratitude goes to my Kickstarter backers: Pam Anderson, David Lydon, Gail Lydon, Colby Perry, Greg Rubin, Omri Alon, Michaela Eaves, Jon Nelson, Colleen Mathis, Scott Steffy, Robert Scott, Roseanne Edson, Ryan Lane, Daniele, Butangas, and The WILD SIDE Foundation. I was […]

OH good..

Finally, something I think is almost worth a shit. Maybe I’m on my way out of this funk.

July showing

Currently, my paintings can be seen at the EM Fine Art gallery in Seattle, Washington as part of their “Divine Feminine” showing. EM Fine Art Gallery 410 Dexter Ave N Seattle, Washington They will be on display and for sale through EM Fine Art until August 1, 2011.

Little Deaths

All of these sold within a few minutes of posting them – but like the hearts, I can make you one if you want one. $50 each, 3×3″ acrylic and artists blood on canvas.

Her music

… Is now my music. .

New Art I love (and totally can’t do)

First, I found at the first Thursday art walk a couple months ago, and I fell in love with her work. Her art, and some photographs, were the only things that really caught my attention in the entire 619 building (partially because Donald Holman isn’t there anymore). I even took an encaustic class with […]

Keep Going

In progress. Sat down after coming home from massage work and started on this one, painting outside on the deck. I stopped when it got dark, then picked up again after wasting an hour on another canvas I ended up rinsing off. Requires a smoothing coat and repair in the upper left, but basically done.

Sapling (In Progress)

Off the pedestal and onto the canvas. First draft, 4 hours in, 10×10 acrylic.


Just found the original, had lost the digital copy when I wiped out my drive a year or so ago. “Isolation” – Acrylic on paper, 2004.

Yay, art!

Today I am taking an encaustic painting art workshop with Janet Miller of I’m super excited for it. After meeting her at the First Thursday Artwalk, and realizing I took a boundary class with her a few years ago with Home Alive, I jumped at the chance to get in on her workshop this […]


Thinking it needs more bubbles. Done with it for the night.

Mothers Day

A very bad photo of a very lovely painting. 10×20″ Acrylic.