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WATERCOLOR: Lifecycle of a portrait

Here are the main stages of a typical watercolor portrait of mine. I posted a shortened version of this on my FB, tumblr and Instagram but thought I would elaborate more here. Stage 1 The first stage is using a reference photo (sometimes I use multiple photos and combine them, like I did with my […]

Process of a digitally edited watercolor

This is a 6 inch by 4 inch watercolor postcard. I used watercolor pens, tea, ballpoint and pencil. I used the above self-photograph image as a reference.

24 hours

The artwork I’ve made in the last 24 hours. About 12.5×6″ Ballpoint, ink, watercolor. From top, my friends: Fedora El Morro, Eliza Skeffington, and Dreadful Jonquil.

Beauty in the Breakdown

I had come to the title for this piece while it was in progress a couple weeks ago. It’s fitting that I finally finished it today, which was largely spent processing through a complex and incredibly irrational emotional trigger. I figured it out, and figured a few side notes out, too. Like that my ex […]

Today’s work

New watercolor in progress. Done for today. Now on to music.

All in a day’s work

I pulled down my acrylic and water based visual art show today and put it right back up a couple miles away; Currently Showing at Broadcast Coffee: June 1, 2014 – August 1, 2014. 1918 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA ‎ (206) 322-0807 ‎ · A few things didn’t make it. For starters Black […]

Watercolor finished

9×12 Inspired by Jimmy Gersen’s work

Watercolor in progress

9×12, Inspired by Jimmy Gersen’s work

My Bleeding Heart

I sold a painting I’m currently showing at Broadcast coffee today, while I was making another one. Print available (and pillows, clocks and tote bags too) Original is for Sale

BloodWork in progress

Works in progress for the “miniatures” show at Twilight Art in West Seattle in November. Smallest pieces are 2″x2″. I’ve sewn my heart up tighter, this time.

New painting area

The studio space itself is getting smaller and smaller as I add my supplies, but I think it will do me well for the next year or two. Funny how differently the atmosphere feels now, as opposed to when I first moved in and was a little overwhelmed by how much space I had to […]

Letting go

I have decided that it is time to pass my large original swirl paintings on masonite panel on to loving home(s). I am asking $600 each (they were originally $2500) which will go straight into my house fund (as described at If required, I’ll charge a $200 flat rate to ship, which still keeps […]

This… a first. CJ climbed in immediately when I put the violin in its case after playing it. She is complete, and sounds and looks AMAZING. Breathtaking – By far the best and most natural pitch I’ve had while playing. Feels really intense. This is a way more profound feeling than when I painted my […]

My Red Violin

I nearly didn’t continue to paint this with how beautiful the blood varnish looked on its own, but I am glad I did. I would have been happy with either design but this one is so much more distinctive and unique to me and my style. It’s nearly complete but still in progress right now. […]

I have begun working on my first painting in over four months.


Did the second smoothing coat of plaster on my best friends 2 year old belly cast today, in preparation of painting it and gifting it to her, now that I finally have an idea of what I’d like to do. I wonder if people had family artists, like they used to have maids and nannies. […]

I totally know what my next art show is going to be.


“PocoLoo” – Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 10×24 Price: $375

In progress

What to do while waiting for paint to dry? Paint something else.

Is there a finish line?

I’ve been wrestling with the sense that this year is my last ditch effort at trying to make a living in the arts. I care for an appreicate the people who support me and purchase my work and come to my shows and help me get art supplies, and that is often what keeps me […]

Chaos print, 30×30

In progress grainy webcam picture of a hand stretched (by me) 30×30 print, before the a layer of hand brushed acrylic embelishment. The 30×30 sized embelished prints of my paintings go for $450.

I am developing quite a dislike for large format printers..

“V” Art opening, July 9

Monday, July 9, 2012 4:00pm until 11:00pm Poco Wine Room 1408 E Pine St, Seattle, Washington 98122 For the month of July 2012, a selection of my artwork is being shown at Poco Wine Room in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The “V” show highlights five of my distinct styles and mediums, including […]