Finding Amanda: An internet love story

Amanda Palmer and Courtnee Fallon Rex Photographed by Steve Kuhn The Art of Asking Book Tour. Sat, November 22, 2014. First Unitarian Church – Los Angeles When I was young, I thought I had all the answers. Or at least, I thought I knew the problems, the deeper causes of the things I was seeing […]

Heavy in your arms (updated) Originally created by Florence and the Machine I was a heavy heart to carry My beloved was weighed down My arms around his neck My fingers laced to crown. I was a heavy heart to carry My feet dragged across ground And he took me to the river Where he slowly let me drown […]

An ode to acrimony  

Forever in debt to your priceless advice Heart Shaped Box on a whim. Because fuck it. Played live with my Harmony G-XT which I am still getting used to.

Sketchbook update

First page with color in my tiny sketchbook. It will be full by summer, I’m betting.

Can has accordion? (NSFW)

I’ve been itching for an accordion for a couple years – a little one, that suits little me, and doesn’t have too many bass buttons and isn’t too heavy. Generally, the less complicated, the better, for a musician like I am. I had a musty Milano at one time, which was a bit too big […]

Open Mic Achievement: Unlocked.

I have finally been to and performed at an open mic. I finally found one that I liked the vibe of, at Scratch Deli, where I am also currently showing my artwork. Saw it last week, tried it this one. I was definitely off my game, as well as being tired and poorly fed today. […]

Mixed in Mono

Before the Tomb and the Womb and Covering Lisa, there was Mixed in Mono. Mixed in Mono is a primitive recording I made by layering multiple vocals into a single track with Goldwave circa 1996, using the Windows sound recorder. It was discovering the music of Dead Can Dance during a time in which everything […]

Learning the Liquid Spear Waltz

By ear, about 45 minutes in or so, started learning it today on a whim. I think this will be a really fun song to improvise to vocally once I can play it without squinting and trying so hard. Lord knows I have it memorized deep into the pits of my cavernous bitchy little soul. […]

Too close to see

Thanks to reviews and interviews from my days, and the feedback you’ve given me over the years, I have a pretty good idea how to describe my original music to people who haven’t heard it. Most of the content of Embodied, though, not so much. How to describe my covers is a task that […]

Breaking Bad: R.I.P. XP-30, 2001-2013

Yesterday, while troubleshooting glitching technology, again, rather than practicing music, again, I came to a place of silence. I stopped hitting buttons and searching google, and sat, and thought. I had already emailed the event coordinators for Tomb and the Womb and said that due to technical difficulties I would not be singing “Covering Lisa” […]


I’ve been thinking lately about my decision to, though currently saving for a house, and recently leaving one of my part time jobs, simultaneously agree to increase my office rent by about 75% for the next year in order to add a second room for an art studio. In some ways, and surely on the […]

Covering Lisa – Underwater

Really enjoying working with the skeleton of this song, The Host of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance. There are actual lyrics in the original. I’m currently experimenting with singing through more effects. I enjoy singing like this differently than I enjoy singing cleaner. It’s more natural and satisfying, where as clean singing is often more […]

Working with the beautiful Taylor acoustic electric guitar that Jonathan Nelson and Aaron Tebrink got me for my 30th birthday. The action is higher than my little painted guitar so it’s taking a little time to get used to. These are the two songs in the guitar ‘set’ I have been working with since yesterday.

Change is gonna come

I have apparently developed the ability to transpose a song, by ear, which I’ve heard a few times, into a key that is in my range. This thing FLEW out of me in about a half hour from 0, having heard the original a few times on Pandora and wanting to mess with it (similar […]

Paradise: New Sketch

Dug up an old song I was playing with a long time ago. Video = Original version

Covering Lisa

This is becoming more ‘mine’ – I am almost there. I think it will sound a little different every time. This felt really solid and flowing compared to the others. Don’t even bother without good headphones. At some point, I’ll get through the whole damn thing without a significant issue, but not yet. Listening to […]

Covering Lisa

Still working out the breathing during the faster singing part. My lungs aren’t so flexible today. I am also playing in unison and do not know the song particularly well yet. The original piece by Dead Can Dance was an absolute musical epiphany for me. I had never heard anything like it. After only doing […]

Embodied Credits Embodied is a one-woman show illustrating a musical journey which depicts Courtnee’s sense of personality fragmentation in her youth, and the experience of slowly piecing herself together throughout her life to truly become a whole person. Not Applicable’s second live show in 10 years was made possible by Kickstarter, and performed/recorded November 9th and […]

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Funny what you forget

I recall having about 28,000 profile views and hundreds of streams on each of my songs when I deleted my music Myspace account a few years ago — which I think is pretty notable for a completely self made shut-in artist. Even earlier, I’d had a notable following through and had considered getting on […] is back. Also, a student gifted me eggs from her chickens at aerial class today. Life is good. Except for that whole “wanting to kill all of you” thing.

I just posted a behind the scenes video of Embodied: Rehearsal for “Divergence” to my music blog at

New version of “Feeling Good”

More-practiced version of “Feeling Good” – Seeing if I can hop genres AND sing something happy. Not satisfied yet, but it’s better than my first tries were.

The more I learn about music, the more often I realize that I am drawn to like, two measly scales.