Open mic at Ould Triangle

Did a spontaneous open mic last night as a means of dusting myself off. It was a nice enough experience, largely because my pal Carl, whom I hate with the fire of a thousand suns for all eternity, was there hanging out with me. In terms of the venue, I doubt I will be back. […]

WIP: I Hate The Fucking Internet Today

I’m working on a maxi-single for I Hate The Fucking Internet Today while simultaneously fleshing out the lyrics (WIP = Work In Progress, afterall). It will be 5 songs I think, 4 of them versions of this one, and I think I’m gonna tack on What Kind Of Asshole Are You. I have a fast/cute […]

#triggerwarning #mentalhealth

#triggerwarning #mentalhealth I’ve been struggling badly with my mental health since last fall. It’s been pretty awful in general, and then the small shred of resource and sanity I felt I had — my van/house/freedom — did what vanhousefreedom things do when they have 204,000 miles on them, and started breaking things. Expensive things. While […]

Serendipitous gifts

“The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.” James Baldwin Just now, I texted everyone I have a current iMessage conversation with “Thank you for being human with me”. It is because […]

ROAD UPDATE: Pensacola

Originally posted to my Patreon community at Mississippi: OH EM GEE you’re heeeeere omg yay! Here, have a welcome center with all kinda free camping with picnic benches and spigots and shit and a FUCKING NASA SPACE CENTER!! Alabama: Fuck you. Welcome center closed. Florida: Fuck you. Show us your vegetables. Then welcome center, […]

Milestone acheived: A new mantra

For the last 6 months or so, my self mantra has been “I love myself”. I say it to me randomly, I say it to me when I realize it’s been a while since I said it, I say it to me when I’m sick or feeling badly, I say it out loud in the […]

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“You don’t hate Mondays. You just hate being a slave.” — Gazi Kodzo

I’ve broken through. I’m done with the fear phase. I am so fucking glad I am getting out of the cycle of modern capitalist society. I am so fucking glad I will no longer have the weight of paying for a stupid fucking building on my shoulders. I am so fucking glad I will no […]

Last call for: Pay what you want Keep Going (digital version): Be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of limited edition Keep Going CD by signing up to support me at patreon by Feb 28th ($15 or more a month) As of March 1, Keep Going will be $10 to […]

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“Money is the biggest driver of illness in our human world. It’s gotten so bad that upper-class people do not have normal mammalian responses to others suffering.” -Mariamma Jones

Finding Amanda: An internet love story

Amanda Palmer and Courtnee Fallon Rex Photographed by Steve Kuhn The Art of Asking Book Tour. Sat, November 22, 2014. First Unitarian Church – Los Angeles When I was young, I thought I had all the answers. Or at least, I thought I knew the problems, the deeper causes of the things I was seeing […]

Why poor people stay poor

It’s amazing what things that are absolute crises for me are simple annoyances for people with money. Because our lives seem so unstable, poor people are often seen as being basically incompetent at managing their lives. That is, it’s assumed that we’re not unstable because we’re poor, we’re poor because we’re unstable. So let’s just […]

The Pomplamoose Problem

This explosion of vitriol illustrates the absurd standard America holds artists to. It’s a dangerous, impossible standard that is repressing self-expression and killing culture. It’s not dissimilar in impact to the political arguments that keep so many living in poverty by voting against their own interests for politicians who take away services that were at […]

Three days of food for $14

I got: Celery Carrots One Russet Potato One Sweet Potato (which I haven’t used yet) An Onion Two cloves of garlic Package of stir-fry chicken on sale Eating celery and carrot sticks for snacks and lunches, still have half the onion and garlic left, and have still been keeping this tiny crock pot full and […]

“We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We […]

Road Trip Cancelled. Plan of Action: Engaged

I have, roughly, $6000 in unappropriated savings, at current. I also have, roughly, 3 months left at my less-than-market living situation. This has incited an exceptionally stressful dichotomy of needs; and a sobering wakeup call to how unbelievably fucking expensive it’s gotten to live out here. I gave up the studio this month to slice […]

Dreeeeeam. Dream dream dreeeam…

Whenever I want you all I have to do Is dream

#Tinyhousefund updates

Depending on how taxes and my office space turns out in the next couple months, I may have nearly $5,000 saved for the house! It’s about time that I start consider whether I am actually going to build it myself (no place to build or building experience, so potentially not..), in which case I may […]

Good days

Today, I said goodbye to my Taylor 114ce guitar, which has been lovingly callousing my fingers on behalf of my dear friend Jonathan since 2008. I traded her for a Mitchell acoustic/electric ukulele, as well as a Mitchell acoustic/electric thin line guitar, both of which feel amazing and sound great. It was time, and I […]

I really need to get a selfie fisting money into my bloody mouth for economical posts like this…

”If a man has an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers we call him crazy. If a woman has a trailer house full of cats we call her nuts. But when people pathologically hoard so much cash that they impoverish the entire nation, we put them on the cover of Fortune magazine and pretend […]

In search of assistence

I am looking for someone local to Seattle who is technologically savvy, understands DeviantART, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Reverbnation, Hootsuite and the like, or posses the skills to easily learn these platforms. Your job will be to take perhaps an hour or two a month to post/keep my profiles updated with new artwork and music, plug […]

Looking out for #1

The last year has been… hard. The last few weeks… have reminded me that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall into place. New client this morning, local 360 lunch and shopping for tea and sexkitten pretties with David, currently sipping sangria while awaiting a prescreening of Pacific Rim (mech vs. godzilla) […]

Chilling. Accurate. Infuriating. When you fly Virgin Upper Class out of Heathrow, you go through a separate set of airport security. With a ticket that costs $4,000 round-trip, you swipe your boarding pass, go up a sleek private elevator, and pass through security and passport control that is delighted to see you. “Lovely suitcase,” they coo. You’re […]