Words put in my mouth taste like turd. – Courtnee Fallon Rex


Drove a convertible across Maui today taking most of the daylight to soak in the road to Hana and a ton of side trails and stops. Wireless access in the Hana Bay yurt we are staying in is better than the Sheraton in which we were charged a $30 a day resort fee for it […]


I swear I just saw myself for the first time I told myself in the mirror As I cried after connecting so incredibly profoundly with multiple people (And once again meeting another incredible man I can’t have in my life like I would prefer, god damn stupid growth opportunities) “You are.. An amazing woman. And […]

Home for the holidays

Behold – video evidence of the show I co-directed and performed in last Friday, the Versatile arts staff show “Home for the Holidays”. This was a great production to be a part of, and also very stressful. We had one rehearsal before the show, which consisted almost entirely of addressing tech needs. Most of the […]

Woman Laughing Alone With Salad

Photographed by Mute Photo Concept in Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes you just gotta get a little tipsy, smoke some weed, make a little music and watch a fuckin’ action movie. Ya know? Safe House is SNAPPY so far. Woooo!

I prefer not to think before speaking. I like being just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.

“Your relentless political Facebook posts finally turned me to your way of thinking” Said no one. Ever.

I sleep super weird with a gut full of steak and cherries.


“It’s really hard to hate someone for being different when you’re too busy laughing together.” -George Takei

“I love it when I crack my back downing alcohol”

“Someone needs to tell Newt that the nomination has cancer, so he’ll leave it.” – reddit

Beets yesterday + aunt flo = technicolor morning.

Oh, that clarifying moment when you realize although most of it is still good, its not worth picking the slimey leaves out of that unopened spinach bag.

I want to swipe the heads off of the people who are bullying Rebecca Black, and the “producers” that put her up to making such a godawful music video. That metal version of “Friday” is fucking funny, though.

IV: “Oh holy good god shit I’m gonna fucking di– .. Oh yeah. Beets.”

ER visit: expensive, Time off work: Expensive, Medications: Not as expensive as I thought, Waking up ravenous after 15 hours of sleep and sniffing out a 2 day old double chocolate trophy cupcake sitting on my desk and eating the fucking shit out of that fucker: Priceless.

“I have a mohawk and some ideas.”

I have created: Hummus! And it is ridiculously awesome. Screw you, dried dogshit paste, otherwise known as tahini! I don’t need you! I don’t need anyone! Mwuahahaha!! MWUAHAHAHA!!!

WTF, Hersheys, even your pure cocoa powder tastes like satan piss. How DO you do it?

“I am in a leaky boat, knitting a sweater and doing card tricks. If I spend my time doing card tricks, which is what I love, the boat will sink and I will freeze. If I only knit, I won’t get to do card tricks, and the boat will sink. If I only bail water […]

Get in muh belly!

More here M&M concept by photographer David Lydon. Art direction by Kirsten Lauzon. I got to lay there and have candy stuck to me.

As a manager you have to choose whether you will be a shit funnel or a shit umbrella- @finderic

Night Zero

A photographic novel of the post-apocalypse http://www.nightzero.com/ Just stumbled upon this after a friend posted some pictures of himself in it, and I’m not sure how I’ve gone so long without knowing about it. What a fun concept, it must be really rewarding to work on a project like that. Congrats to Dan!