You said I was safe

“Ours is a culture that treats grief — a process of profound emotional upheaval — with a grotesquely mismatched rational prescription” – Maria Popova

The Sun

Last night was the big anger zit. I was up until 4:30 just fucking gnashing with irritation and distaste, and woke up 4 hours later from a shitty fuckass dream, and in short order was listening to the sweet melodic sounds of my cat barfing next to the bed I was still laying in. ‘Sup, […]

“No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear.” – CS Lewis

Little Deaths

All of these sold within a few minutes of posting them – but like the hearts, I can make you one if you want one. $50 each, 3×3″ acrylic and artists blood on canvas.

‎”grief is what we call it when we have experienced love.” – Sophia Sky