Road Update: Summer in the PNW

I’m back in the Seattle area for a few months over the summer, recovering and enjoying being able to stand upright in my house again. Interestingly, the room I had rented from a friend for almost 3 years was available when I arrived, so I am back in my old house, with some of my […]


Huh. Baking pies is fucking messy. Like seriously, the oven is a battlefield. Guts dripped everywhere. It’s a strawberry and rhubarb. Strawberry and rhubarb that I helped harvest today at the farm, and then came home and made a fucking pie out of it. For the filling I used brown sugar, lemon zest/juice, cinnamon, a […]

Roosters last day

My slow start to my day includes sitting here gnawing on the leg of a rooster I killed for meat yesterday. Watching the video was actually much more emotional for me than doing it. I think that illuminates some things for me, including how tender and anxious I am about how I am perceived by […]

Next up: The Bosque Village

The conversations have been had, the mutual admiration has been expressed, the values and goals are well aligned, the time is right, the action item list is soft drafted. I’ve the plane ticket and the passport renewal submitted in plenty of time (presuming no catastrophic postal issues) and am thus ready to let the population […]

Three days of food for $14

I got: Celery Carrots One Russet Potato One Sweet Potato (which I haven’t used yet) An Onion Two cloves of garlic Package of stir-fry chicken on sale Eating celery and carrot sticks for snacks and lunches, still have half the onion and garlic left, and have still been keeping this tiny crock pot full and […]

New Holiday: June 27, name day

Seared scallops, roasted garlic, crispy kale, heirloom tomatoes and avocado slices in a miso and butter broth with fresh lemon. Created by me, for me, to celebrate a day I became more me. Also; I had an ice cream cone. :D


I swear I just saw myself for the first time I told myself in the mirror As I cried after connecting so incredibly profoundly with multiple people (And once again meeting another incredible man I can’t have in my life like I would prefer, god damn stupid growth opportunities) “You are.. An amazing woman. And […]

For the love of

What happens when an overworked artist gives herself food poisoning a few days before the gig that she’d planned to rehearse primarily in the days leading up to the event? Well, it means that you do all the rehearsal you’d planned in the afternoon before the evening gig – and this is what it looks […]

Winning Streak

Until today, it had been 27 days since I had seen a streak on my toilet paper. Today, that incredible record, was broken. It was broken, after a month or so of eating mostly salads, roasted veggies, meat, and fruit – by eating at a Mexican restaurant (Matador in W Sea). As it stands, they […]

The Art of Stock

During my stay with my friends Per and Ingrid, who enjoy cooking with fresh food and especially bone-in meats, I came to discover that *gasp* they don’t save their trimmings and bones for stock makings. Blasphemy! Stock is awesome. It’s cheap as hell, even if you buy everything for it specifically, and easy to make. […]

Happy solstice from Sweden

Midsummer We opted for a long walk and movies at home.

Woman Laughing Alone With Salad

Photographed by Mute Photo Concept in Stockholm, Sweden

On the Road Again

I’ve got a lot of things swirling around right now, but I’m discovering that I’m not ready to write about any of it yet. So, for now, pictures, and basic recap of my trip thus far. My more interesting half-fragmented thoughts will remain in draft form for a while. For traveling with a person who […]


Bitter Soda

One of the things I have taken very seriously since having become suicidally depressed last month is my relationship with drugs and alcohol. Particularly alcohol, which has by far been the most destructive of my coping mechanisms in my life. Of late, I have partaken rarely, usually in very small amounts when I have, and […]

The Sun

Last night was the big anger zit. I was up until 4:30 just fucking gnashing with irritation and distaste, and woke up 4 hours later from a shitty fuckass dream, and in short order was listening to the sweet melodic sounds of my cat barfing next to the bed I was still laying in. ‘Sup, […]

Can be irritatingly, painfully hungry, and yet still too picky to choose what to eat. Does that seem right to you?

Happy Birthday Edgars!

My boys birthday dinner [His only request when asked was “something involving bacon :)”] Cocktail – Honey Jack Daniels, angostura bitters, dandelion and burdock bitters, Reeds ginger beer, fresh strawberry, lemon, soda. Course 1 – Rinsed romane with sliced apple, strawberry, blueberry, green and red grapes, walnut oil lemon balsamic vinaigrette. Course 2 – Baked […]

Dinner tonight

Didn’t get a picture. It didn’t look quite good enough to do that – but man it tasted good. Preheat to 400 Cube a red, yellow and purple potato with my BRAND NEW BIRTHDAY KNIFE Cut the treetops off two nice sized heads of broccoli. Combine in a bowl, drizzle in olive oil. Toss. Add […]

New Breakfast Potatoes

Two slices of bacon in hot cast iron Add crushed garlic after turning bacon over Add chopped red onion Add water and cubed potatoes (one red, one yellow, one purple, 1/2 sweet) Add ripped sage, thyme, rosemary spring Add Everyday seasoning Cover until potatoes are tender Serve with cold plain yogurt

As of today I have graduated from cold smoothies to hot soups. Loving my Blendtech.

A clove of crushed garlic and some turmeric at the bottom of a cup of hot water makes the liquid surprisingly awesome tasting after it’s had a chance to steep for a while. I just timed the steep with how long it took for the water to cool down while I breathed the vapors in. […]

Dessert last night

I love this stuff.

Taking myself to dinner after a frustrating day of raging PMS and unacceptable tech cuntery. At least my dinner is awesome.

Brainstorming my forthcoming garden. :) it will have KALE. Oh yes, yes it will.