Finally figured out who this was for

I own a bladder full of dead people

So I have this solar plexus that usually has a big black tar knot in it. Rarely in my life have I not had that knot, and the times it’s seemed to have melted off were times of extreme gladness — new relationships, summer vacations, purring warmly on the beach — of intimacy and of […]

My day in pictures

My last day in Sacramento consisted of a lot of driving around town visiting people. I’ve had a strange nervousness in my core, I think from lack of movement since Friday. Regardless, I had a really great day seeing everybody. It was exactly the kind of day I needed. Breakfast at Carrows with Dad, pedicures […]


I went back out there again. I can’t pass by the Dillard Rd. exit without going miles into nowhere to go drive by that lot and that shack and that tiny store along those uneasily familiar roads. My face is low and slack with a resigned, defeated horror from the moment I turn off the […]