Life in the Fast Lane: A Thanksgiving invitation for my experimental/sociopolitically-motivated friends:

Howdy facebook. How’s it hanging. As y’all surely know, it’s Thanksgiving in the U. S. this week. And if you’ve been around here much in the past, you might remember a little bit about what I think of Thanksgiving. :poop emoji: I’m taking a bit of a different track this year, and I wanna share […]

The Year of the Kat

In 2014, I began the Year of the Nee, choosing to go a year (and change, it turned out) celibate and without intoxicants of any kind. Overlapping that year, the two years of unofficial survival experimentation of #vanlife began. And now I float, disconnected, purposeless, again in need of healing and self acceptance. It’s about […]

Thanks for giving: a shit. 

Third rockin’ass orgasm of the day. Enjoying the hell out of my solo day-long water fast. Fuck your oppressive shitass holidays. — Water fasting as of midnight last night. Had no idea when I decided to do this a year ago, take the next step in personally divesting from the lies and the cognitive […]

PTSD no moe

EXPERIMENT: Cognitive Process Therapy to address nearly 30 years of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Fin. Here are the results.

Experiment: 1000 words

Challenge: Relegate my targetedly offensive language (against women, mentally ill, etc). Duration: Ongoing Compendious Result: The road, she is long. I’m exploring how my language use reflects in the social consideration I’ve been developing the last few years. I rather automatically say a lot of things that bother myself now, after discovering that everything I […]

Experiment: Daily Post-it challenge

Challenge: A post-it sketch in ballpoint for every day in August. Duration: One month Compendious Result: Fine for 8 days, then trainwreck failure — and I’m ok with that. This was one of many, many production challenges I’ve given myself over the years, none of which I’ve completed fully. It is said in most circles […]

Experiment: Face the Book

The challenge: Read a book rather than a newsfeed. Duration: 3 weeks Compendious Result: Unexpected success! Rather than stopping myself mid-refresh loop to go read a book, I found myself choosing to read more often and internet less. I also finally removed facebook from my phone. Explanation: My goal was to read more, after taking […]

In Process Experiment: Walk a Day

The challenge: Get up at the same time every day to walk around the block (.3 miles) The duration: 8 weeks Explanation: I have never been a creature of morning routine. However, for most of my life, when I’ve noticed that, I’ve felt sorry for myself. Like I am missing out, and failing myself somehow. […]

Experiment: The June of Noncomplaint

The challenge: Stop complaining The duration: A whole month Compendious Result: Moderate success! I complain less, have an idea of the difference between social/productive complaints and the sticky grumpymaking kind, and am generally content to not only think less caustic-denouncingly, but express less of it too. Yep. My goal, was to not complain for a […]

Year of the Nee: 1 down, 11 to go.

It’s been just over a month since I began my year of celibacy and no intoxicants, coupled with the lesser goals of avoiding sugar and not cutting my hair, for the purpose of supporting and providing a foundation to integrate the metaphysical growth spurt I am going through. The celibacy and lack of substances has […]

Experiment: Being With My Own Filth (W.A.S.T.E.)

The challenge: Save all my recyclables in my living space The duration: Two months Compendious result: Life altering. As aware as I thought I was about packaging and unneeded waste, this experiment brought me to a whole other level, and I am deeply thankful that I did it. Inception of the W.A.S.T.E. project I suspect […]