The Opening

You sit alone in the dark of an ornate theater, front row center. The massive stage sits empty, curtains swung open, adorning the sides of the performance space like a pair of french doors folded into the inside of a well consolidated room. The folds of the deep red fabric run horizontal, dipping and rising […]

All in a day’s work

I pulled down my acrylic and water based visual art show today and put it right back up a couple miles away; Currently Showing at Broadcast Coffee: June 1, 2014 – August 1, 2014. 1918 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA ‎ (206) 322-0807 ‎ · A few things didn’t make it. For starters Black […]

Goodnight, Grandma P.

In addition to directing the performances this year, I have two small pieces of work that were juried into the Festival (first time), and have modeled for Jim Wilkinson’s installation “Stall”, as well as being the model in the photograph Jim Duvall chose to be in the show as his Masters of Erotic Art piece […]

Seeking ambient/interactive performance for Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Performers! It’s time to start thinking about Seattle Erotic Art Festival! Our Festival dates this year are May 30, 31, and June 1, at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Performance Director, Courtnee Papastathis, wants to collaborate to create performances which explore and express the themes and emotions within the art that is chosen for the […]

Minor, soon to be.

Many thanks to everyone who has been responding to my question: What immediately comes to mind when presented with the phrase “Inner Child”. The profundity of the subject matter in my work often becomes clear only in the moment when I finally start talking with others about it. I have some great inspiration and ideas […]

When I was just a little girl…

Want to help me flesh out some specifics from a scene in my newest show? Please respond with what immediately comes to mind when presented with the phrase “Inner Child”. Mine was: Inconvenient asshole.

If London is a watercolor, New York is an oil painting.

“For in that city there is neurosis in the air which the inhabitants mistake for energy.” ― Evelyn Waugh The New York subway has its own distinctive scent, like a cocktail of black tar and metal shavings, that I immediately find familiar and comforting every time I retun. You’d think it would mostly smell like […]

Call to Action: Help us bring you SEAF 2013

Most people who will read this won’t need me to explain what SEAF is, or why it’s important to our community. You know and love the festival in both similar and different ways than I do, and have your own reasons to cherish and support it. Through constant growth, different venues, directions, and focuses, SEAF […]

I have finally come to the difficult decision: I will not be directing or performing the remount of HASML. Part of my focus on recuperating and getting healthier includes stepping away from supporting Vita while I am unable to truly support myself. It’s unclear what exactly will be happening, but it was important for me […]

How Art Saved My Life

“How Art Saved My Life” takes place in a collective mind space. The show is an amplified illustration of the moment in time where you stare into a black hole and choose life. The setting is the mind, in dreamspace, fantasy, plugged into the matrix, whatever you want to think of it. The stories told […]

It took all the man in me, to be the thug you wanted me to be

I’ve been thinking a lot about attraction, sexuality, and what tends to drive mine, lately. Since putting out an ad and having sex with someone for very different reasons than I’ve generally had sex before, I’ve come to articulate some really interesting aspects of what drives my fucking that formerly only showed themselves as atmospheric […]

Awesomeness abound

I’m not writing much. Things are great. I’m rather busy with hair orders, paintings, directing my show, choreographing acts, training aerial, performing music, doing spa sessions, learning french (:D), wrapping up my stead at the chiro office and thoroughly enjoying doing what I love to do. Obsidian opens Nov 15th at LRS and is going […]