Road update from Bozeman, MT

I’m back on the road as of Sunday, after spending a full week staying with friends in Spokane. I mostly rested a lot, took many baths, ate ice cream, and hung out. Van life is also a lot more comfortable now that I got the windows tinted. NW Solar in Spokane did a great job […]

Winning Streak

Until today, it had been 27 days since I had seen a streak on my toilet paper. Today, that incredible record, was broken. It was broken, after a month or so of eating mostly salads, roasted veggies, meat, and fruit – by eating at a Mexican restaurant (Matador in W Sea). As it stands, they […]

Namaste, suckers: My Qi Revolution experience

Friday, July 20, 2012: Packing for a 4-day, 36 hour Qigong seminar at the Tacoma Convention center. I am not bringing a laptop. Recently, along with about 425 other people, I trekked down to Tacoma to attend “Qi Revolution“, presented by Jeff Primack. The course is $99 and the CEU (continuing education credits, which are […]


“PocoLoo” – Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 10×24 Price: $375

Beets yesterday + aunt flo = technicolor morning.

Gross, man. I think either the hospital or Po Dog use that creepy fake oil that just goes right through you to cook their fries. Either that or I really went crazy on the fat intake the last couple days.