Impromptu road trip. I am not taking as many pictures as I might have expected, but I also haven’t gotten to where I am going, yet. I did stop in Idaho to take in the lake for a bit.

Thanks for that, dude.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke This Ghomeshi thing, how his friends and community are admitting to knowing he was up to some shit, brings to light some ugly things for me. Ugly things that encouraged me to continue raping in my […]

Experiment: 1000 words

Challenge: Relegate my targetedly offensive language (against women, mentally ill, etc). Duration: Ongoing Compendious Result: The road, she is long. I’m exploring how my language use reflects in the social consideration I’ve been developing the last few years. I rather automatically say a lot of things that bother myself now, after discovering that everything I […]


Sometimes, I remember what it was like to let someone who knew me hold me. Conjugated, wordless. Someone who watched me churn and struggle with you and cry so hard I choked on myself. Cry so hard my face felt like it was going to fill and burst with blood and fall off. Sometimes, I […]

An ode to acrimony  

Year of the Nee: 1 down, 11 to go.

It’s been just over a month since I began my year of celibacy and no intoxicants, coupled with the lesser goals of avoiding sugar and not cutting my hair, for the purpose of supporting and providing a foundation to integrate the metaphysical growth spurt I am going through. The celibacy and lack of substances has […]

Compassion baiting is bullshit and I don’t put up with it anymore.

Ever wonder why being judged for responding ‘too angrily’ pisses you off even more? Good insight here. – Twitter I discovered “5 Big Problems with Compassion Baiting by Katie Loncke” a few months ago, and loved it. I related to it in terms of the obese shame demon the article had helped me figure […]

Chilling. Accurate. Infuriating. When you fly Virgin Upper Class out of Heathrow, you go through a separate set of airport security. With a ticket that costs $4,000 round-trip, you swipe your boarding pass, go up a sleek private elevator, and pass through security and passport control that is delighted to see you. “Lovely suitcase,” they coo. You’re […]

I don’t want to play.

Everywhere I turn and look Someone around is telling me How the only way to keep good relationships is to be playful And the only way to be a real woman is to not care about being sexy Everywhere I turn and look Someone around is telling me That the only way to make money […]

Meeting the maker

I’m pretty sure I’m at another one of those places in my life where a big internal shift is about to click into place after multiple weeks of limping around funny, like when every step hurts your ankle because the bones aren’t lining up quite right. I am transforming. It is intense and embarrassing and […]

Anger Management

Throughout my life, I periodically run into people who are infuriatingly incapable of taking responsibility for themselves. Even when acknowledging that there shouldn’t be one, there’s always a reason, an excuse, some kind of explanation as to why what happens in their life and the effects their decisions have on others ultimately aren’t their actual […]