Sunday Checkin: Year 3 – from Seattle to SMF

I’ve been on the road for two weeks now, mostly visiting friends and family with a day or two of driving time in between. I’m updating from Sacramento on the day of whitewashed gaslight homage that is thanksgiving, better known as day of mourning, in which we not only continue to ambiently ignore but also […]


A meditation on what comes after #metoo After a long few days I finally crashed like a brick last night. I am so tired. I am so tired of the groupthink onus being on victims of abuse, to rehash, to out themselves, to display their pain, to direct. What can you do? Figure out why […]

Open mic at Ould Triangle

Did a spontaneous open mic last night as a means of dusting myself off. It was a nice enough experience, largely because my pal Carl, whom I hate with the fire of a thousand suns for all eternity, was there hanging out with me. In terms of the venue, I doubt I will be back. […]

Finally figured out who this was for

Sunday Checkin: Cloud Cover Video, and Kathy Griffin Parody

Cloud Cover Video My apologies for getting this show video to you so late. I made the mistake of watching video of performance that was outside of my cannon which I did for the fun of it while I was deeply depressed, and launched myself into a tangent impostor syndrome crisis for a while. That […]

WIP: I Hate The Fucking Internet Today

I’m working on a maxi-single for I Hate The Fucking Internet Today while simultaneously fleshing out the lyrics (WIP = Work In Progress, afterall). It will be 5 songs I think, 4 of them versions of this one, and I think I’m gonna tack on What Kind Of Asshole Are You. I have a fast/cute […]

Sunday Checkin: Mostly visual art stuff

Hallo comrades, I’ve been working on a few visual art projects since last update, including the examples above. I got the idea for creation of these portraits after seeing the high tallies of a handful of my patrons ‘lifetime’ contributions and being pretty fucking blown away by your generosity. I wanted to do something nice […]

WATERCOLOR: Lifecycle of a portrait

Here are the main stages of a typical watercolor portrait of mine. I posted a shortened version of this on my FB, tumblr and Instagram but thought I would elaborate more here. Stage 1 The first stage is using a reference photo (sometimes I use multiple photos and combine them, like I did with my […]

Still pooping on rape culture

So I was told yesterday that comically centering my own nonsexual nudity in any of the constant reminders I post about my patreon existing is disingenuous, because I rail against rape culture.Mmmkay. I was told that it’s ok to use nudity in my art, which I have done for over 20 years, but it’s not […]

Process of a digitally edited watercolor

This is a 6 inch by 4 inch watercolor postcard. I used watercolor pens, tea, ballpoint and pencil. I used the above self-photograph image as a reference.

24 hours

The artwork I’ve made in the last 24 hours. About 12.5×6″ Ballpoint, ink, watercolor. From top, my friends: Fedora El Morro, Eliza Skeffington, and Dreadful Jonquil.