A Cart for Your Invisible Horse

I started really chewing on class accessibility issues in my work about 6 months after I moved from the Medical Dental Building downtown, to the Pioneer Building in Pioneer Square. For those who don’t understand Seattle, that’s basically from the hoity toity business and shopping district to the historic bar crawl and stadium area where […]

Gratitude post

Appreciating my community today. I’m connected with some damn fine people. Here’s to you all, the strong vulnerable women, the writers, the musicians, the weirdos, the men whose souls I’ve stolen, or want to steal, the supporters, the appreciators, the activists, the carers, the empathic warriors who see what the fuck is going on. We […]

There is Nowhere

Just south of Green River, Wyoming One thing that nearly a year on the road has shown me: There is nowhere. There is nowhere to go. There is nowhere to outrun patriarchy. There is nowhere to outrun capitalism. Nowhere to feel safe. Nowhere to feel comfortable. It’s gone, along with my blissful ignorance. Anywhere I […]

ROAD UPDATE: Fort Walton Beach

Originally posted to my Patrons at https://www.patreon.com/posts/4470079 Right now I am hanging out in the van with the side door open, out of the wind but in the sun from my waist down. The temperature is perfect like this, mid 60’s and cloudless, and I still have lots of time left in my day to […]

ROAD UPDATE: Pensacola

Originally posted to my Patreon community at https://www.patreon.com/posts/4413008 Mississippi: OH EM GEE you’re heeeeere omg yay! Here, have a welcome center with all kinda free camping with picnic benches and spigots and shit and a FUCKING NASA SPACE CENTER!! Alabama: Fuck you. Welcome center closed. Florida: Fuck you. Show us your vegetables. Then welcome center, […]

I will be the first person to caution fantastical daydreamers that I have not chosen an easy life, and I didn’t fit myself into a van on a whim, but after over a decade of culling and evolution. Even then the transition wasn’t simple or painless. I had a couple breakthroughs the last two days: […]

15 things I’ve learned in 6 months (and counting) on the road

I’ve been on the road for over 6 months now. Here are a few tidbits I’ve learned. The single most important aspect of traveling long term in a vehicle is having a comfortable place to sleep. People as a whole are simultaneously much cooler in general, and occasionally also much more fucked in the face, than […]

Bosque Village Gallery

Images from The Bosque Village, Eronga, Yotatiro, and Patzcuaro. Check out the videos also at http://youtube.com/CourtneeFallonRex and https://www.youtube.com/user/bosquevillage

Over three weeks at The Bosque

Behold: an hour of unscripted and unedited blabbing about my first three weeks at The Bosque, my mobile life in general, poop, art, conserving water, and things I thought might be interesting the the absence of virtually any input at all from my audience :P https://blab.im/b610d9d89d224186b63b49d34caa6832 And a highlight edit of my trip to Eronga […]

Friendly neighborhood reminder: With the exception of odd, inconsistent jobs as I travel, I survive directly on crowdfunding. Patreon is how I eat, write, create, and Keep Going. If you follow my posts/activities please consider signing up to support me there. Http://patreon.com/courtnee

Adios, Austin!

Leaving with an expanded resume, a touched heart, my hands full of new helpful tech, and a head full of ideas. Also I learned that sometimes there ARE good reasons, to water dirt. Get updates at http://patreon.com/courtnee

Next up: The Bosque Village

The conversations have been had, the mutual admiration has been expressed, the values and goals are well aligned, the time is right, the action item list is soft drafted. I’ve the plane ticket and the passport renewal submitted in plenty of time (presuming no catastrophic postal issues) and am thus ready to let the population […]

CHB: Week one

I have survived the first week at camp, and it was basically spectacular. And then I survived the hours it just took to write about my first week of camp, too. Read about my epic adventures at http://patreon.com/courtnee

Road update from Denver

This is going to be quick, because I’ve spent most of my limited tolerance for computer time editing images and uploading them for print. Basically, in the last few days I have discovered: It is difficult to get same-day automotive service in bumfuck, the brakes have stopped shuddering and are probably loose again (but the […]

Road update from Bozeman, MT

I’m back on the road as of Sunday, after spending a full week staying with friends in Spokane. I mostly rested a lot, took many baths, ate ice cream, and hung out. Van life is also a lot more comfortable now that I got the windows tinted. NW Solar in Spokane did a great job […]

The journey that began thrice

Originally, I was planning to leave for Spokane last Friday, giving myself a whole day to prep for the house show I was to be headlining in Spokane on Saturday. Alas, a 3 hour brake job ended up taking all day long on Thursday, setting me back and causing me to be working late on […]

Maui 2015

Back in April, with a little help from my friends, I returned to Maui for a week, where I was expertly whisked directly from the airport to Baldwin beach. OH GOD THE WATER SO GOOD SO GOOD OH GOD OH GOD SHO GHOOOOOOOD OH GHAAAAAD — Facebook Mostly, I spent my time sleeping, reading (the Percy […]

A place to lay my head

Over the last two days, with the guidance and collaboration of my friend Chris, I used a hacksaw, a jigsaw, both a table AND hand held grinder, an oxygen torch, assisted with two types of power saws and a drill press and all sorts of other shit I don’t even remember, in order to make […]

I’ve broken through. I’m done with the fear phase. I am so fucking glad I am getting out of the cycle of modern capitalist society. I am so fucking glad I will no longer have the weight of paying for a stupid fucking building on my shoulders. I am so fucking glad I will no […]

Tiny dreams hit the road

As part of Year of the Nee, I’ve recognized a few things about myself that I’d discovered at one time and then lost again. Things like an affinity for dinosaurs, and reading fantasy and sci-fi books. I’ve also gotten back to music by making a very focused album (the whole thing is about patriarchy) in […]

Impromptu road trip. I am not taking as many pictures as I might have expected, but I also haven’t gotten to where I am going, yet. I did stop in Idaho to take in the lake for a bit.

Road Trip Cancelled. Plan of Action: Engaged

I have, roughly, $6000 in unappropriated savings, at current. I also have, roughly, 3 months left at my less-than-market living situation. This has incited an exceptionally stressful dichotomy of needs; and a sobering wakeup call to how unbelievably fucking expensive it’s gotten to live out here. I gave up the studio this month to slice […]

Epic motorcycle trip is Epic

After crunching the numbers and needing a long walkabout about now anyway, I’ve determined that I will be riding the motorcycle solo down to Palm Springs and back to take my Grief Recovery Method certification workshop next month. My definite stops on the down route will be looking something like: Portland, Grants Pass, Crescent City, […]


Drove a convertible across Maui today taking most of the daylight to soak in the road to Hana and a ton of side trails and stops. Wireless access in the Hana Bay yurt we are staying in is better than the Sheraton in which we were charged a $30 a day resort fee for it […]

Sweden: Two Weeks in Photographic Review

Like a glass of tasty bubbles, all good things must come to an end.. Click the first thumbnail and use the arrow keys to advance. Check the Sweden tag for all posts from my time abroad.