On creative fire..

It really floors me how much I accomplish in the middle of the night, when I feel so fried I wouldn’t think I could concentrate on anything. I’ve been sewing a lot the last few days. Pictures aren’t much.. but it is almost 4:30 in the morning afterall. Thanks for the birthday present, Chrissy.

Vita arts has completed its first workshop!

We came. We saw. We made art. We helped other people make art. We learned stuff. We became one with humility. We both exceeded, and fell short of expectations. We thought on our feet and persevered. We were asked to return. Not bad. Not bad at all. Things didn’t go as planned. Attendance was less […]

Circus of Dreams, Sept 18th

This will make you love again

First draft of my newest cover, “This will make you love again” by I am X. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

“This will make you love again”

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Carnival Pink Martini – Que Sera Sera Husky Rescue – New Light of Tomorrow IAMX – Running A Perfect Circle – Peace Love and Understanding IAMX – Spit it Out Waldeck – Fallen Angel Inbar Bakal – The Bride Peace Orchestra – […]

Some stuff I’ve been making lately..

Been super into sewing lately. I’ve had a machine for quite a few years but rarely used it. In the last two weeks I’ve broken all 4 of the sewing needles I had laying around here, and spent countless hours/dollars on projects. Mostly costumes. And there’s a fair bit more to go in that department. […]

Vita Arts fundraiser, July 25th

“No matter how enlightened you are, as long as there are people suffering, you still have plenty of work to do.” Who: Levity, Chimera, Dyno, Zita, and more fabulous aerial talent! What: The first fundraising event for Vita Arts, my new non-profit arts organization Where: Versatile Arts, 7601 Greenwood Ave, Seattle When: Saturday, July 25, […]

The Aquamarine show, July 18

Who: I will be playing an aerial siren as part of a beautiful love story What: The aquamarine show at LRS When: July 18, 9pm and Aug 15, 9pm Where: Little Red Studio, 400 Dexter Ave N Tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets or reserved by calling (206) 328-4758 Join us as Little […]

Yay for fresh starts!

Hm. Well then. Apparently, my E:\ drive was not actually located on my external hard drive, as I have assumed. Rather, it was on the drive I partitioned and re-installed XP on last night. My E:\ drive was the datastore which has housed all my source files for my music, images, and video projects for the last […]

An Intimate Spectacle, June 5th and 6th

Who: A sampling of the last year with Little Red Studio. What: I will be singing, and performing my favorite aerial piece for this show. It’s not to be missed! When: Friday & Saturday, June 5th – 6th @ 9PM Where: 400 Dexter Ave N, Seattle $20 Tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper […]


Thinking it needs more bubbles. Done with it for the night.

Mothers Day

A very bad photo of a very lovely painting. 10×20″ Acrylic.

Playing for Change

I hope these videos go as viral as I think they will… Playing For Change | Song Around The World “Stand By Me” from Concord Music Group on Vimeo. There’s also world versions of: “One Love” http://vimeo.com/3097281 and “Don’t Worry” http://vimeo.com/2903195

Samorost the sequel!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I played a little flash game called samorost. I’d never seen something so well made in flash. I fell in love with it, and at the time, I wrote the author and asked if he wanted me to mirror his game on phuqed. He agreed, […]

White Noise – New self-photographed digital art

Modeling, styling, photography, post, and photo manip all by me. I pulled these out alone at my house in about 3 hours from start to finish Used vector flower brushes II by yasney chan, and Tree borders III brushes. Print Available

Music I miss

GOA, tribal trance, dark trance, dark ambient, dark wave, progressive trance… I sense a lot of music digging to be done. Special thanks to http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/, and Simon, for the reminder.

Awesomeness abound

I’m not writing much. Things are great. I’m rather busy with hair orders, paintings, directing my show, choreographing acts, training aerial, performing music, doing spa sessions, learning french (:D), wrapping up my stead at the chiro office and thoroughly enjoying doing what I love to do. Obsidian opens Nov 15th at LRS and is going […]


So many years ago it pains me to say, because it means just that much life has passed my way already, I was a guitar player. I came into the world of original music through synth, and my first instrument was piano taught by my mother as a child, but I started out expressing my […]

Art-a-Thon 2008

Man. I am beat. And sore. And super happy. Or something like it. The art-a-thon was largely transformative (or, transportive?) for me, in many ways. It was an intense weekend. More happened than I am willing to document, both for the sake of my poor body and because I want to hold some of it […]

Inspiration and hope; In the words of another

Frequently, I have difficulty articulating what it is that we do at LRS and what I feel my place is in it all in a fashion that someone outside the troupe can readily assimilate. Often I find challenges in helping my friends and loved ones understand what they’re in for, and how different we are, […]

I am a delicate flower

I have decided on my next tattoo, to embellish the one I have on my lower back. It will be a cherry blossom branch, stylized and colored. I’ve decided to put the piece on my credit card so I can get it done right away, once I find the artist. It’s going to be fucking […]

I am so impressionable

For the last few years, ever since the days of Hole/Nirvana/AiC/etc, I’ve been kinda starved for new energetic music. Sure, Massive attack is great and all, but I’ve been listening to Mezzanine for like 10 years now or something.. and there is just something to be said for a decent rock trio type sound that […]

10 albums that changed my life

It’s the day and age where, not only is music so putridly awful that it’s rare to see an album that’s listenable all the way through, the advances of mp3, iTunes, Pandora and the Internet mean you no longer have to drop $17 for one good song on an album full of total crap. But […]