Video: Zita Begins

Performed June 9, 2010 for “There must be something in the Air”, a benefit for Versatile Arts, the aerial gym I call home.

The music is from the Batman Begins soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Video footage courtesy of Block My Eye Films, which I edited over one insomniatic night.

This act is an illustration of the struggle to shed the defenses that bind us, finding strength in being vulnerable, and how sex contributes to the art of self discovery. This character is established earlier in the show as someone who is timid and quiet – until she finds herself seemingly alone with her obsession.

I have performed as Zita the Aerialist since 2005. During that time my focus has been to tell compelling stories through aerial performance, often as a mechanism to cope with the challenges in my life.

This act and its meaning continues to grow with me, over time.

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