Sunday Checkin: Cloud Cover Video, and Kathy Griffin Parody

Cloud Cover Video

My apologies for getting this show video to you so late. I made the mistake of watching video of performance that was outside of my cannon which I did for the fun of it while I was deeply depressed, and launched myself into a tangent impostor syndrome crisis for a while. That was then and this is now, though, and they are here for you because you helped make them happen and because I am very grateful for that. Also you deserve to see what me having some fun actually looks like nowadays. :P

I’ve upped the best of the songs to There are four songs, my two classic covers Paint it Black and House of The Rising Sun with a full band, Heartbreaker, and What’s Up.

This collaboration show was so fruitful for me in many ways. It served as an anchor when I was drifting and in financial/situational crisis and didn’t know what to do or where to go. It was a learning experience as a musician and a confidence booster as I pushed myself to get up to speed and put on a good show. The audience in attendance enjoyed it, and learning the songs we played has increased the quality of the singles I’m currently working on.

Digital Photo Manipulation: “Fuck White Men”

I’ve also made some digital art for the first time in a long while, I believe my last photo manipulation using stock was in 2004 or so, back when I was on DeviantART and maintained a gallery there. I used three images of myself to make this, including a self photograph from 2004, a photo by Malixe in 2013, and a photo by John Cornicello in 2014, as well as a stock hand and hood.

The image on this post is entitled “Fuck White Men”, which is what I label the censor bar in the social media friendly version (because fuck white men and their irrational nipplephobia).

I was compelled to make this very quickly after discovering that yet another one of those men has been cheating and gaslighting me about it for months. I am still very angry and starting to be sad about it now after just finally catching him a few days ago.

I decided to channel that rage into one I ambiently feel all the time, everywhere I look, toward white supremacy and specifically privileged white men who sit and do nothing as they also hold the most power to dismantle the system that prioritizes their safety, comfort and well being over that of any other type of person (or being) on the planet. That includes the blatant outspoken racists, but so, so many more.

As an activist it is fucking infuriating to watch so many poor, marginalized people, mostly women and genderqueer, fighting their asses off uphill for humanity while established white men sit and bitch about how the battle cries are too loud from their ivory towers. White men who, as long as they have theirs, don’t give a shit what the cost is to everyone else. I am fucking sick of it.

So is Kathy Griffin, a comedian who I don’t particularly identify with, but who has been dealing with what it’s like to be a loud woman in a mans world for a very long time. She got a lot of flack for her image of a beheaded trump recently. My image is inspired by hers.

Fun tidbit: I spent a stupid amount of money on the stock photo for the hood because my safesearch settings were shit and I was determined to get it out/done in the middle of the night. It was like 4 in the morning and my brain was like ‘this is an important one nee, the public will outcry nee, invest in your art nee, you cant find pix of this because The Man is censoring the world nee’ and the next day I did the search on a different browser on my phone and… motherfucker.

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