Point the rage at the system

Doesn’t have to be now. Blame all the third party voters you want, if finding a soft target to blame is worth further disrupting what little fucking unity and coalescence we have.

We are all being manipulated.

We are all oppressed in some form of indentured slavery.

If you still believe in this system; that it actually represents us, that our votes were counted accurately, that the candidacy we were forced to choose from was presented to us honestly, then I simply don’t know how to relate to you. Please just go away. No hard feelings. It’s just, I know my time is finite.

But if you’re sick of this crooked harmfulass shit, I just have one word for you:


It’s like choosing to love someone. It’s like forgiving. It’s like a habit. Everywhere you can, divest. Pull away. Stop buying shit you don’t need. Get off the grid a little; get a fucking cistern. Learn survival, medical skills, first aid. Keep a fucking herb garden. Consider your choices. Damn near all your choices.

This is the price we must pay for living in this future. Start small. Most of you already have. Most of you think about what napkins you buy and have at least one single food you won’t eat on principle. Expand that. Forever.

You don’t have to know how. Just DO it. START, again and again. Because the things worth doing are the things we commit to without knowing exactly how to get there yet. The things we might not be sure if we have the capacity to do. The things we know we may never live to complete. Those are the things that make this fucking shitshow experience worthwhile.

We have to divest to save our future. From consumption. From corruption. From a societal contract smothered to the brink of mass extinction by domination, control, and hierarchies designed to devalue life and pedistalize fear. From the sickness of supremacy that has told us we only matter if we can do it instantly, by ourself.

This is the fault of the people who put Trump where he never belonged in the first place and that includes those who voted for him. It does not include the people writhing under a fucked up system trying to do right.

Today, I blame the system. The people: they are all doing what they think they have to do. Some of them will have more to answer to later, but in the end, the system we are all invested in, the abusive relationships we’re too close to to see out of, those are what are to blame for tonight.

There is no denying the world we live in now. What next?

It is our turn to sacrifice for the future.


One decision at a time.

Keep Going.

Point the rage at the system.

Point the change at you.

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