Trip Brainstorm

Been thinking about places I want to be heading when I hit the road next month, and how long I might actually be gone, where I might want to be during winter, etc.

Some places I am going just to check them out, some places I am going because I have a friend or two there, some for specific reasons. Here’s my latest ever-shifting soft itinerary.

Seattle to..

Spokane, WA (house show)
Boulder/Denver (friends, cuz)
Grand Canyon (cuz)
Sedona, AZ (cuz)
Los Almos, NM (friend)
Austin, TX (friends, AND SUMMER JOB!)
New Orleans, LA (friend, just cause)
Wetumpka, AL (friend, with a FARM!)
Jacksonville, FL (friend)
Savannah, GA (recommended)
Asheville, NC (art!)
New York, NY (friends)
Woodstock, NY (friends)
Boston, MA (friends)
Madison, WI (cuz)

If I were to hit them all in the timeframe and seasons I anticipate, and if after that I return to Seattle, I’ll be gone roughly a year.

But who knows, really.


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