Quincy Blaque Trio: The Drunkening

This song causes me to rather desperately miss partner dancing. Which is its own kind of sick little twisted irony.

As quiet as a dead mouse
and as bored as a tick
And a thousand drinks later
We’ll take home anything that’s thick

Cause the secrets are dirty
As the heart is as pure
As the water is muddy
We gave up on a cure

Your punishments in heaven
Your rewards are in hell
There’s nothing you want that’s in between
As far as I can tell

Your smile is splenetic
Your blood’s like perfume
it’ll burn if you let it
we all own stock in this doom

You think you have to destroy me
To make us equal; guess what?
This thought just keeps rolling round my head
it’s beginning to suck

Compress this into little tiny pieces broken fixed and blinded vicious eyes that float ashore they don’t need them anymore
they lie

Nothing can hurt me
except maybe pain
you’ll never convince me
of anything again.


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