Shed Lyfe: Coming soon

In a couple weeks, CJ and I will be moving into this 8×10′ insulated shed in a friends back yard, to complete the last phase of saving for my Itty Bitty Hizzy build this spring. It’s 16 feet tall with an 8×6 loft, is wired with electrical outlets, has a toilet and a fridge, and soon will have a utility sink too.

Rents in Seattle have skyrocketed completely out of my price range in the last year and a half, even when sharing. It’s fucking ridiculous. Not only would I have stalled in my savings plan, I would have been hemorrhaging money from what I have saved attempting to both maintain a contemporary residence and my office here. So for the winter, this is where I’ll be!


I found some maple flooring for free on craigslist…


But it wasn’t quite enough to cover the floor in the loft. So, two colors, because it’s not really worth sanding it all down and staining it. Just way too many hours and I have to be moved in in less than two weeks.


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