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What happens when an overworked artist gives herself food poisoning a few days before the gig that she’d planned to rehearse primarily in the days leading up to the event?

Well, it means that you do all the rehearsal you’d planned in the afternoon before the evening gig – and this is what it looks like when both costumes have open knees.

The part where I was processing the tail end of the bacterial onslaught, literally, before and between performances, was an extra special bonus.

Yeah. It sounds super dramatic, but really wasn’t all that derailing – just a little loosey-goosey in the rear and didn’t stay for the party after. Think twice before eating that old floppy broccoli, though.

Currently icing my back, stretching my shoulder, and have my knees treated and bandaged. Drinking herbal tea, about to eat some protein, and crash like a sack of smashed assholes. Zzzrr…

I still rocked it, btw.

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