Nail documentation

Figured it was about time to document my awesome nails, which are soon to be dispensed of in the name of my vocation.

Back in child and young adulthood, my nails were so thin and fragile that I could only get them about half this long before they tore off. Even the length I did have was rather useless, because they would bend when I applied pressure to them, and be so delicate when wet it was downright stressful.

This is all the growth (on my right hand, my left, save for my thumb, are still short for instrument playing) from my trip minus the small amount of length I lost when I shaped them in NYC, and they have proven to be much more sustainable than previous attempts to keep my fingernails.

I have gotten an exorbitant amount of pleasure in having them for all sorts of reasons, including how they look, how useful they are, and how they indicate that I have grown healthier over the years.

I will miss them when they are gone.

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