I have decided that it is time to pass my large original swirl paintings on masonite panel on to loving home(s). I am asking $600 each (they were originally $2500) which will go straight into my house fund (as described at http://blog.neevita.net/archives/12967).

If required, I’ll charge a $200 flat rate to ship, which still keeps the cost of a giant original piece of work with a lot of history and nostalgia well under $1000. Depending on where you are, I would be interested in using that money to travel to you and hand deliver your new artwork.

Both of these paintings were done at the Little Red/Hengst Studio, at an extremely fertile artistic time in my life, with studio time and on masonite panel which was gifted to me by Jeff Hengst. These are the first and only truley large paintings I’ve had the opportunity to create.

Chaos, also known as “Smoldering Dark”, the blue and purple and red based piece above, was finished in two stages, years apart from one another, which both corresponded to strange dark romantic relationships. It is the only large format piece of work I’ve done thus far which includes my blood.

Psychedelic, the fire-inspired pink and orange based painting below, was the first painting I had ever done within the view of a general public. I still rarely paint in public, and the triumphant energy of that fueling and uncomfortably vulnerable experience was transcending for me as an artist which, I feel, shows in the style and energy of the work.

Both 48″x48″ square acrylic on masonite pieces are industrial in nature and have awesome chewed, uneven edges on them, which can be easily covered if matted and framed, though I’ve always really liked them personally.

If not framing and covering the tiny holes with matting, I suggest screwing/nailing straight through the corners to hang – which is what I have done in the past as I have displayed the pieces almost primarily in my own home.

I created these works in 2008 and have had many years of enjoying and processing them, and I feel I am ready to let them move on in the world. I have two smaller prints (which were offered at $150 less than my current asking price for the originals) which fit my shrinking footprint better than the larger versions. I believe I will be happy with them as long as I know the original artwork is moving on to someplace loving.

In my life, I hear most often from the fans of my artwork that they love my paintings, but simply can’t afford to buy them. I hope by offering these works, which I consider two of my signature art pieces, at such an affordable price, to be able to pay them forward to someone who will truly love and appreciate them.

If you are local to Seattle and interested in a viewing, please comment or email courtnee@neevita.net to discuss a time that works to come see them. I can also send buttloads of pictures.