My Red Violin

I nearly didn’t continue to paint this with how beautiful the blood varnish looked on its own, but I am glad I did. I would have been happy with either design but this one is so much more distinctive and unique to me and my style.

It’s nearly complete but still in progress right now. I see a few places where I’d like to change the symmetry and make a few small changes. Once it’s dry enough I’ll lay the tailpiece in place to make sure I like the flow of the shapes around it and potentially change it some more.

I really enjoyed doing this. Started with sanding and base coat yesterday and anticipate it being done today. I’m interested in discovering how the sound is effected – another thing I like about this violin being unique to me. I don’t play very well, and don’t imagine ever performing violin, so if the tone is in fact ruined, it won’t matter too much. Either way, it will make a beautiful decoration.

EDIT: 12-29-12 3:30pm – She is complete, and sounds AMAZING. By far the best and most natural pitch I’ve had while playing.

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