Funny what you forget

I recall having about 28,000 profile views and hundreds of streams on each of my songs when I deleted my music Myspace account a few years ago — which I think is pretty notable for a completely self made shut-in artist.

Even earlier, I’d had a notable following through and had considered getting on iTunes when it surfaced in the wake of’s implosion. At the time, I wanted to remaster and re-record Point of Origin before doing that, and it just never happened.

Then came Pandora, and I was excited to submit my work — only to have them say, we love it, but we won’t take it unless you’re on iTunes! Now, Pandora accepts a fraction of the music that’s submitted to them.

It feels like I missed the boat. There’s a lot more going on in digital music now than there was 10 years ago, and I’m having a hard time imagining how anyone is going to FIND me, let alone be enticed to actually BUY me.

Interestingly, while I’ve been going through this long, tedious process of rebuilding my musical presence online in preparation for having an album to sell, I’ve occasionally wondered why I walked away from it all in the first place.

One name reminded me why I lost interest in trying to find a way: Snocap. Snocap was the company Myspace partnered with to build them up to be more like what had been and less like the festering network of drama now affectionately called “social networking”.

After extended hesitation and research, Snocap was where I turned after went away. I was never paid a fucking cent they owed me, which had risen to hundreds of dollars before I finally disabled the account to stop people from buying my music from them. I emailed them for over a year, and never received a response.

It was almost as if my fears surrounding record contracts and music labels and being concerned about being exploited or fucked over by the music industry had found a way to penetrate my shell of staying choosy and small and quiet online.

After that, I pretty much stopped trying to make money with my music unless it involved paying me directly from a source I had created, like my website. So fuck you in the cornhole, Snocap. I’ve decided you’re the reason I feel so far behind right now.

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