Life in a Box is funded.

I am very pleased to announce that “Life in a Box” will become reality thanks to Kickstarter.

If the Kickstarter goal is further exceeded today, it will be applied to the project, either by printing larger canvases, more canvases, creating an artistic hanging solution for the canvases, adding a sound element to the installation, or so on.

My deepest gratitude goes to my Kickstarter backers: Pam Anderson, David Lydon, Gail Lydon, Colby Perry, Greg Rubin, Omri Alon, Michaela Eaves, Jon Nelson, Colleen Mathis, Scott Steffy, Robert Scott, Roseanne Edson, Ryan Lane, Daniele, Butangas, and The WILD SIDE Foundation.

Another exciting detail: The last backer which put me over the top was a stranger who found the project through the “Ending soon” tab on the discover section.

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