SEAF 2011

Thank you to Adam Harrison for shooting this image, and so much to everyone who attended the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and allowed me a window into themselves this weekend. I was ambiently performing both Friday and Saturday evenings on a pedestal.

Some of the connections through that mask were absolutely amazing. So many people at the festival were so willing to fall into temporary possession, allowing themselves to be arrested, mesmerized, for a few moments and often longer. Through intense eye contact, stalking, mirrored movements, and even touch, I felt many connections with people I may never see again.

It was most definitely a Jekyll and Hyde kind of weekend for me, full of fragile connection contrasted against a sinister smoldering prowess. I found the performing intense, rich, fulfilling, challenging, and without words – Just how I like it.

In addition to being invovled in David Peterman’s Common Thread piece, I was also involved in Jim Wilkinson’s much more personal “Naked Truth” project. Jim and his models discuss what makes the model tick, and then choose something personal and likely secretive to paint on their body to be photographed. At SEAF, Jim displayed 45 16×20″ canvas prints on about 16sqft of wall space.

A project like this one has me written all over it (haww), and given what I’ve been up to with my internal work lately, I jumped at the chance to do this. Jim and I talked for nearly an hour, until I decided what I wanted to say. It ended up being about mom.

I stayed for dinner, and as we talked, we got to discussing how, for an erotic festival, there wasn’t a lot of erotic content in the project. So, I decided right then something else I wanted to say, and offered to come back to get a second picture taken, looking different enough that I could be in the project twice without it being too obvious.

About 4 days after the first amazing shot, we got this amazing shot.

Fucking. Awesome. I love my life. I was impressed with the festival this year and the tremendous amount of work that was obviously put into the event, and it was great to be ready to return after many years away for personal reasons.

Note: These are my versions of the images post-processed my way. The images submitted to SEAF slightly differ. Also; that’s my real-life utility belt. Because, as we all know by now, I’m the fuckin’ Batman.

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